Commission a Portrait

Portraits are pen & ink or graphite and vary in size from 6″ up.

To commission a portrait, email your request.

Rick Lieder’s art has appeared on award-winning novels ranging from mysteries and science fiction, to books based on the X-Files TV series and Newbery Award-winning books for children.

His fine art has been exhibited in galleries in the Midwest and Canada.

Picture books with award-winning novelist and poet Helen Frost are published by Candlewick Press, more information at

• 2012: STEP GENTLY OUT, now in its 9th printing with a paperback edition.
• 2015: SWEEP UP THE SUN, featuring birds in flight.
• 2017: WAKE UP!, a book on new life.
• 2019: HELLO, I’M HERE!, a book on Sandhill cranes.
• 2021: WAIT – AND SEE.

A museum exhibition and book signing was held at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in 2012 and 2015.

Email Rick.